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How to Book

To book a holiday or discuss your requirements, please call us on 020 7263 3000. We can usually confirm availability immediately, but may need to check with a supplier first.


You can pay your deposit by bank transfer, cheque, standard UK debit card or non-premium UK personal Visa / MasterCard credit card. Balance payments can be made by bank transfer or cheque. We do not accept cards for balance payments. We are unable to accept cash.

What’s included in the price

Prices are per person and are based on two persons sharing a room and include all flights, transfers and accommodation.

Where applicable, entrance fees, taxes and charges are included in our prices at the rates advised to us at the time of preparation. An adjustment will be made to your price if any of these change before your holiday.

Departure taxes on some flights within and leaving Latin America are not included. These must be paid in cash at the airport. Currently, these are: Guatemala US$3 for international and domestic flights.

Passports and Visas in Latin America

Visas are not required in advance for British citizens for any Llama Travel destination in Latin America. For British passports endorsed in any way and all other passports, please ask the appropriate consulate: Peru (Tel: 020 7838 9223); Ecuador (020 7451 0040); Argentina (020 7318 1340); Chile (020 7222 3434); Brazil (020 7659 1550); Colombia (020 7637 9893); Costa Rica (020 7706 8844); Guatemala (020 7351 3042); Mexico (020 7499 8586); Panama (020 7493 4646); Bolivia (020 7235 4255). You need a full 10 year passport valid for 6 months after your return to the UK. If you are flying via the US, you need to comply with US immigration requirements. Ask us for details.

There is an immigration entry fee to enter Chile for citizens of Australia, and citizens of the US, Canada and some other countries. To enter Chile, a fee must be paid upon arrival in Santiago’s international airport.

There is also a reciprocal entry fee for US and Canadian citizens visiting Argentina. This must be paid in advance on the website. Once the fee has been paid, you must print out the proof of payment and take this with you when you enter Argentina. If you do not have the form you will not be allowed to enter Argentina. Prior to July 2017, an entry fee was also payable for Australian citizens visiting Argentina, but this is no longer the case.

Prior to June 2019, to visit Brazil, citizens of the US, Australia and Canada required a Brazilian visa. This is no longer required.

If children are not travelling with both parents, some countries require a letter of consent to enter or depart. Please consult the appropriate consulate.

To issue some tickets, we require passport details and ages when you book. If you subsequently change your passport, please let us know as soon as possible.

Passports and Visas in Africa

Visas in advance are not required for British citizens for any Llama Travel destination in Africa, although a visa is required to enter Zimbabwe (for Victoria Falls), which can be purchased upon entry. The Kaza Univisa allows you to cross the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and also allows for day trips to Botswana (current cost US$50). For British passports endorsed in any way and all other passports, please ask the appropriate consulate or high commission: South Africa (020 7451 7299); Namibia (020 7636 6244); Botswana (020 7647 1000); Zimbabwe (020 7836 7755). You need a full 10 year passport valid for 6 months after your return to the UK. To enter South Africa, you require two blank pages in your passport. To visit Namibia, you require one blank page. If combining countries, you may need more blank pages.

If children under 18 are travelling, especially if not travelling with both parents, some countries require extensive documentation, including unabridged birth certificates and other official documents. South Africa has recently loosened these requirements for children travelling with both parents, although we have been advised that in some cases birth certificates are still being requested upon entry, so we recommend taking these in all cases. Please consult the appropriate consulate for more information. For other nationalities, please check with the appropriate consulate.

To issue some tickets, we require passport details and ages when you book. If you subsequently change your passport, please let us know as soon as possible.

Hotel grading

Official hotel ratings vary from country to country. Our standard hotels are tourist class hotels. Superior hotels usually offer better facilities and more comfort.

Hotel rooms

If you have a preference for a twin or a double room, please let us know. However, we cannot guarantee this as hotels do not allocate rooms until the day of arrival. Despite costing more per person, single rooms do not always offer the same level of comfort as doubles. Some hotel bathrooms have showers instead of baths. If you prefer a bath, please ask. If you arrive at a hotel before check-in time, your room may not be ready. You will be able to use the hotel facilities until your room is ready. Check out time is usually in the late morning. A charge is normally made for late check out.

Tickets and vouchers

You will receive tickets approximately 10 days before departure, along with information on accommodation, transfers and excursions. Our agents in will give you your hotel and excursion vouchers when you arrive. Please check airline tickets carefully in case timings have changed after we issued your confirmation.

Excursions and Extensions

Excursions are operated together with other holidaymakers. These will usually be in English, although groups are sometimes a mix of English and other languages. A minimum of 2 people is required for some excursions. On some occasions, the order of excursions may vary. Excursions may be with non-Llama Travel passengers, especially at wildlife lodges and cruises.


Tipping guides and support staff is normally well deserved, and expected, especially on wildlife excursions. Please ask us for suggested tipping levels.


Adequate travel insurance is essential. We do not sell or recommend any specific policy. A list of insurance companies that our customers have found suitable is available from us. Please advise your insurer of any pre-existing medical conditions and, if you are booking a holiday involving high-altitude trekking, such as the Inca Trail, make sure that you are covered for this. If you are planning on carrying out any other activities, please ensure your insurance policy will cover you for these. Note that cancellation cover is often only available if insurance is purchased within two weeks of booking your holiday.

Age and fitness limitations

For most of our holidays, age is not a concern. However, a reasonable level of fitness is required, as most holidays require some walking, sometimes on uneven ground. Even relatively mild activities can be strenuous at altitude. High altitude trekking is more strenuous than an equivalent length walk in the UK.

Health and vaccinations

Please consult your GP or a travel clinic about health and vaccination requirements. Advice for travellers is available at In Latin America, Yellow fever and malaria precautions are recommended for visiting the jungle, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro and some parts of Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. Yellow Fever certificates are sometimes required if you have recently visited a country with an infected area. Children under 6 require proof of vaccination against polio to enter Brazil.

In Africa, malaria precautions and recommended for visiting Botswana, northern Namibia, the Kruger area in South Africa, and Victoria Falls. Yellow Fever vaccination is not usually required for any of our destinations in southern Africa, although certificates are sometimes required if you have recently visited a country with an infected area.

Some GPs do not recommend yellow fever vaccinations for travellers over 60 years old. Please seek medical advice before you travel.

Parts of South America are at high altitude. Most visitors do not suffer major problems. However, shortness of breath is common and we advise you to take things calmly during your first day at altitude. If you suffer from a heart or lung condition, or think that you may suffer due to the altitude, please consult your GP.

There have been reports of the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne virus, in various Latin American countries. Please check the fit for travel NHS website  for the latest advice regarding this. If you are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant, it is recommended that you speak to a medical professional prior to travel.

When travelling, stomach illnesses are not uncommon due to changes in diet. We suggest you only drink bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. If you are unsure if salads and fruit have been washed in purified water, it is best to avoid them.

If you suffer from any disability or condition and are concerned whether this will affect the enjoyment of a holiday, please call us. We will do our best to help. We recommend that you bring any medicines you require from the UK.

Outside of major cities, medical facilities can be basic, meaning a lengthy transfer if hospital attention is required.

Your safety and security

Most people who travel to the countries where Llama Travel operates experience no problems on holiday. However, as is the case anywhere in the world, crime can be a problem, especially in large cities. Tourists can appear attractive targets to criminals. To minimise the risk, use common sense. Do not display signs of wealth, such as expensive looking jewellery or cameras. Avoid empty streets, especially on your own. Take a taxi after dark. By taking sensible precautions, you should have a trouble-free holiday.

Each country has its own standards for health and safety, but these are often not as good as in the UK. We take this into account when selecting hotels and request that they comply with all local regulations, but cannot guarantee that these are equivalent to British standards. Please take reasonable precautions to protect yourselves whilst on holiday, e.g. by locating fire exit routes.

Please also check the Foreign Office travel advice for the countries you are visiting the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.