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Estancia Puesto Viejo

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Estancia Puesto Viejo is situated just outside the small town of Cañuelos, and is no more than an hour from Buenos Aires, although you wouldn’t know it. The sprawling grounds and peaceful atmosphere stands in stark contrast to the bustling streets of Buenos Aires. Home to a 10-room boutique hotel and an active polo club, the Puesto Viejo is a peaceful place to unwind.

Outside the hotel windows, well-kempt polo ponies graze in paddocks, and birds flit about the garden. Proactive visitors can walk the property bird-watching or take advantage of the free horse-riding and cycling, while more laid back guests can laze around the infinity pool or enjoy the estancia’s lounge and library areas. During polo season, matches are held regularly, and no matter what your inclination, watching a free match, if you get the opportunity, is a must.