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Llama Travel offers a variety of Galapagos & Ecuador holidays which offer the opportunity to visit Mashpi Lodge. You can take a 2-day excursion from Quito, or stay longer if you prefer.

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Mashpi Lodge is located in the Mashpi Reserve, to the north west of Quito. The 1300 hectare reserve sits in a cloud forest 930 metres above sea level, and is home to numerous species of fauna and flora. Ferns, bromeliads and orchids are found in abundance here, including many rare and endangered species. Monkeys swing from the trees and 35 of the 400 bird species calling Mashpi home are endemic to the area. In addition to the larger creatures found here, there are also 112 species of reptiles and amphibians.

Part of Mashpi Lodge's unique offering is the myriad ways in which you can experience all this forest life. There is the observation tower which stands tall above the trees, allowing you to survey the forest below, as well as the sky bike, where you can pedal along a cable suspended above the forest. For a more traditional aerial experience you can enjoy the Dragonfly, an open-top cable car. While staying at the luxurious lodge you will also be taken on guided nature walks and enjoy lectures on the fauna and flora found within the reserve.  

The lodge's luxury accommodation itself boasts a modern aesthetic which incorporates the surrounding tropical cloud forest. Large floor to ceiling windows make one feel like you are part of the jungle, allowing you to enjoy fine dining with great views, and to rise in the morning looking out into the trees.

While tourism is a significant interest, scientific research and conservation are important aspects of the project too. There is a resident biologist, and research work is regularly carried out with local and international universities and NGO’s. The research done to date has already provided valuable insight into the Equatorial Chocó and new research projects are constantly underway.

The Mashpi Lodge is featured on BBC's Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby (aired on 3rd April 2017).