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The most interesting town in the Puno area is Lampa, about 90 minutes from Puno. Lampa is known at the Pink City as many of its houses are painted a light ochre colour. Enrique Torres Belón, president of Peru 's congress in 1957, came from Lampa, and ensured that the town received much state funding. Lampa now has a good hospital and sports facilities, despite these being rarely used.

The main attraction in Lampa, the Templo de La Piedad, is also the result of Torres Belón generosity. In 1960, he built a beautiful, marble-covered chapel (where he and his wife are now buried) and got the Vatican to send a plaster model of Michelangelo's statue of La Pietá to Lampa. The agreement was that after casting an aluminium copy of the statue, the mould would be broken. Of course, the aluminium copy was made and the statue of La Piedad is now on display in the chapel, but the plaster mould was preserved. This is now on display in the municipalidad – the town hall – and can be visited. The church in Lampa, where the Templo de La Piedad is housed, is very beautiful and worth a visit in its own right. There is a wonderful carved pulpit and a lovely nave. The church also has some good Cusqueña school painting, and the catacombs can be visited. The church was completed in 1650. If the church is closed, ask in the town hall if it can be opened for you.
Lampa also has a couple of other sights worth seeing. The Puente Colonial is a colonial bridge spanning the river. The Museo Kampac, 2 blocks from the church down Jr. Ugarte, has a collection of Inca and pre-Inca ceramics. The museum contains a wonderful stone Inca Qero. There is also a small chinchilla farm run by the ministry of agriculture in the town.

The area around Lampa is also important archaeologically, and there are many ruins worth visiting. Most of these are chullpas, funerary towers similar to those found at Sillustani. The most interesting sites are the Chullpas de Huaytapata, 15km from Lampa, the Cueva del Toro, where there are some ancient cave paintings, 4km from Lampa, and Ceja de Miraflores, where there are also some chullpas. However, this site is a bit further from the town. Other sites in the area include the Chullpas de Catacha, halfway to Juliaca, Chullpas Cerro de Aukimi, Chullpas de Sutuca, Chullpas de Marno and the Fortaleza de Lamparaken, a Colla site.