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Aberdare National Park

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Situated in central Kenya in a protected area of the Aberdare Mountain Range, Aberdare National Park is as much about the landscape as it is the wildlife. The high-altitude park encompasses a range of landscapes including dense rainforests, dramatic peaks, undulating moorlands and deep valleys intersected by cascading waterfalls and fast-flowing streams. The park is often rainy and shrouded in mist due to its position high up on the plateau of the Great Rift Valley. Aberdare has relatively sparse game in comparison to other parts of Kenya, but incomparable views and a true feeling of wilderness make it stand out.

Despite being one of Kenya’s smallest national parks (767 square kilometres), Aberdare is home to an array of wildlife including elephants, hyenas, leopards, colobus monkeys, buffalos, rhinos, lions (although these are rarely sighted) and the elusive bongo antelope. There are also over 250 species of birds, including hawks, goshawks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers.

On our Safari Through Kenya trip, you will spend one night in Aberdare National Park, staying at The Ark. Boasting its own floodlit waterhole, this property is a great starting point to any trip to Kenya, with chances of seeing elephants, buffalo, warthog and more. There are multiple wildlife viewing platforms so you can spend time relaxing with a drink in the lounge bar whilst watching the elephants drink and bathe just outside. The Ark even has a buzzer system so if you choose to, you can be alerted when more unusual species approach the waterhole.