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From the south to the north, Vietnam has something to offer for everybody. Ancient temples, bustling cities, mouthwatering food, fascinating history and serene landscapes are a few of the highlights of this Southeast Asian gem.

Here are the top 7 things to do during your holiday in Vietnam.

3 Holiday Reads for Ecuador and the Galapagos

Written by  Llama Team
  • 02 November 2023

Choosing the right book that can be the difference between a great holiday and a truly memorable one. A good travel book provides context for the things you see, and knits your experience into a wider story about the country. And it’s a reciprocal relationship. A book is so much better when you have a reference point for what author is describing – such as the comforting smell of palo santo wood, or the turquoise glow of Pacific reefs.

When researching books for my recent trip to the Galapagos, I had two criteria. Firstly, I wanted something that made me feel like an explorer: the best travel books haven’t just taught me things; they’ve given me tools to discover new things for myself. Secondly, they had to be short, or easy to read. I’m not a fast reader and I pack light, so I didn’t want any thousand-page tomes. 

Of the titles I settled on; one is fiction, one historical and one scientific, giving three very different view of the country. Ecuador is a diverse and wonderful place, with plenty of history, culture and personal stories to discover. These books helped me to dive into that world; I hope they do the same for you.

An Interview with Grant Reed

Written by 
  • 18 August 2023

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Grant Reed, co-founder of Letaka Safaris and star of National Geogarphic's Safari Brothers alongside his brother Brent. He is widely considered one of Botswana’s top guides, and when you meet him in person, you can see why. At 6'4, Grant cuts a lean figure, with the well-worn hands of naturalist and a voice that imparts a reassuring sense of authority. If you try to imagine an expert safari guide, you're probably picturing Grant Reed. But his path to becoming a guide wasn't always so clear cut.

I talked with Grant about how he came to be where he is today, from his colourful childhood collecting lizards in the Magaliesburg Mountains to the surprise turn of events that led him to move to Botswana.

Otto's Costa Rican Journey

Written by 
  • 23 June 2023

Costa Rica is one of the world's great ecological wonders, home to all colours of birds, reptiles and mammals. The country's verdant jungles house hidden waterfalls, smoking volcanoes and secluded thermal hotsprings, which you can bathe in whilst surrounded by nature. Here's what Otto, our Senior Travel Consultant, thought of his time in Costa Rica.

Paige's Passage Through Mexico

Written by  Paige
  • 05 December 2022

In November 2022, I visited Mexico for the first time. I arrived just after the Day of the Dead, and just before the start of the 2022 World Cup, making it a very exciting time to visit Mexico.

What’s It Like to Visit Peru Post-pandemic?

Written by  Luca
  • 29 September 2022

(17/10/2022) Update: face masks no longer required indoors, on trains, or on flights. The only times you'll need a face mask are if you're experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, taking public transport, or visiting a hospital. Additionally, you no longer have to fill out an online health form before departure.


In summer I made my first trip to Peru since 2019, and I thought it would be useful to share my experience of travelling post-covid. I've gone into some detail regarding covid requirements for flights, visits, and hotel stays within Peru, and in particular mask wearing, as I know that many people have questions about this. As an overview, the experience was pretty similar to travelling pre-pandemic, but with the requirement to wear face masks when indoors. Overall, it was great to be travelling in Peru again and Peruvians were as welcoming as ever.

Europe: Top 5 for 2022

Written by  Paige
  • 23 May 2022

It’s tricky to sum up such a diverse continent in a few words, and equally difficult to select one of the endless destinations to visit. From pristine mountain ranges and glacial lakes to medieval streetscapes and hilltop castles, each country in Europe has something new and exciting to uncover - whether it’s a different culture, cuisine, landscape or experience. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourite European locations for 2022. Have a read to get some inspiration and start planning your next adventure.

Inca Trail vs Salkantay Trail

Written by  Graham
  • 16 March 2022

Perhaps one of the most famous and iconic of all sites in Latin America is the fabled Lost City of the Incas Machu Picchu. The citadel which was the final bastion of the Incas and remained hidden atop an Andean peak shrouded in dense jungle foliage from the ground and thick clouds from above. Because of the tactical positioning of the city it was never discovered by the invading European conquistadors and, as such, remained intact for centuries until its ‘rediscovery’ by Hiram Bingham in 1911.

Unsurprisingly, the ancient city of the Incas has become a key focal point for those travelling to Peru with various possibilities of reaching the site open to tourists ranging from luxurious train journeys to five day trekking options. Arguably the most adventurous way of visiting Machu Picchu is by foot and this blog will discuss the differences between two options; the famous Inca Trail and the alternative Salkantay Trail.

Luca's Sicilian Road Trip

Written by  Luca
  • 10 February 2022

Owing to its strategic location in the Mediterranean, the island of Sicily was a crossroad for many civilisations and cultures for over 3,000 years. Scattered across the island you will find pieces of its rich history of conquerors, such as Norman palaces, Roman ruins, Greek temples and Baroque buildings. Tourists are rightfully captivated by Sicily's outstanding architecture, art and archaeology, but its natural beauty cannot be overlooked. Dramatic and ever-changing, Sicily's landscapes are stunning. From rolling green hills backed by the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean to grapes growing on slopes scorched by volcanic lava, every location on the itinerary has a different but beautiful backdrop. 

Here’s what Luca, Llama Travel director, saw during his time in Sicily all the photos in this blog are his own. 

Scott's Tour of Magical Morocco

Written by  Scott
  • 03 February 2022

Just a few hours flight from the UK, Morocco is at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. Morocco is a country rich in contrasts - from the historical imperial cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakech to the geographic extremes of the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines.  Discover the intensity of bustling souks and maze-like medinas, alongside the vastness of the pre-Sahara and remote Berber mountain villages. A melting pot of Berber, Arab, African and European cultures, it’s hard to believe that Morocco is within such easy reach of Europe.

Here’s what Scott, Llama Travel Product Manager, saw during his time in Morocco all the photos in this blog are his own.