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The city of Jodhpur is built around the mighty Merangarh Fort, which sits atop a steep hill staring out over the tiny houses. Jodhpur is often called the “Blue City” because of the bright hues of its painted houses. This is particularly noticeable in the north of the city, known as Brahmpuri because of the many Brahmins who live there. Following the crooked medieval streets through the sprawl of cubic blue houses, you eventually reach the old city wall, which encircles the city. Beyond the wall, the suburban landscape starts to make way for the arid expanse of the Thar Desert.

Within those city walls you’ll find ancient forts, temples and palaces as well as some vibrant local markets. Jodhpur has a booming handicrafts industry, and is a great place to pick up fabrics, leather goods, incense and lacquerware.