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Albanian Riviera

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Stretched along the vast coastline of Albania is the riviera where the mighty Ceraunian Mountains roll down to the Adriatic. Views are stunning no matter where you look and from high up on the mountainous road small, idyllic clusters of bright blue can be seen. The beaches of the riviera are impressive and, though popular in the summer months, are yet to reach the crowds associated with other nearby destinations such as Greece or Croatia. Here you can enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean or relax on the tranquil sands. Of particular highlight is the beache of Ksamil to the south of Sarandë with its three verdant islands within swimming distance as well as the beaches of Himare and Dhermi to the north.

The Llogara pass is offers spectacular views over the pine forest of Llogara National Park and the Adriatic, however, at 1,043m above sea level, it can sometime be rather windy and chilly.