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20km North of Tirana lies one of the important cities of Albania. The birthplace of the national hero Skanderbeg, and the site of resistance against the Ottomans, this city holds firm in the national conscience of Albania. Situated at the foot of Mount Krujë the village is surrounded by verdant valleys that stretch towards the Albanian coast. The medieval castle, perched high above the city, was built in the 5th or 6th century acted as the main defence against the encroaching forces of the Ottomans from the east and now houses a museum centred around Skanderbeg. Views from the castle span from Mount Tomori in the south to Ulcinj in the north with incredible views of the Adriatic coastline throughout. The old town exudes an enchanting charm and walk through the polished cobblestone streets creates an authentic atmosphere. A comprehensive bazaar offers a great collection of beautiful antiques, and artisanal wares from the region such as hand-woven rugs and intricate copper handicrafts amongst others. This bazaar is one of the oldest market streets in the whole of the country and well worth perusing.