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At a little over 45km, Slovenia’s Adriatic coast is short to say the least. Running from Trieste in the north down to Istria in the south this stretch of shoreline is home to some fascinating towns, including Portorož and Piran.

The resort town of Portorož is famous for its natural spa treatments, stone sculpture garden for views of the bay and beautiful waterfront. The coastal town is lined with many fine seafood restaurants, where you can enjoy a leisurely meal overlooking the Adriatic coast. Be sure to stroll along the shorelines with striking sunsets, and the perfect opportunity to unwind on the Slovenian Riviera with wellness centres and the ocean just a stone’s throw away from your hotel in Portorož.

The nearby towns of Izola and Koper are also beautiful historic settlements on the Adriatic that lend themselves to wandering aimlessly through their streets.

The noble white Lipizzaner horses are originally from Slovenia and their original stud farm can be found in the Karst region close to the Italian border at the Lipica Stud Farm where it was established in 1580. As one of Europe’s oldest stud farms, and with an uninterrupted line of purebreds, the Slovenians are very proud of the farm. Learn about the history of the breed and witness the elegance of these horses while watching a show or classical riding training. You may also tour the farm on a horse-drawn carriage ride.