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A day on the Inca Trail

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You wake up early in the morning with the sunrise, and the porters will provide you with a bowl of hot water to wash with. The cooks will prepare a fresh and healthy breakfast, and you will also be given some snacks for the day ahead. After this, you will begin the days hiking usually at around 7.30am. You are able to walk at your pace and, depending on the group size, there will be a guide at the front and the back of the group. The guides will explain and provide information along the hike and you will stop at regularly intervals to catch your breath and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Lunch is usually taken quite early at around 11am-midday, and you will arrive with the communal eating tent already set up.

After lunch, you will be able refill your water bottles as the cooks will have boiled some fresh water. You will then have some time to digest your lunch, before continuing the day’s hiking. You will pass various Inca site along the walk, and the guide will stop to explain these.

After a day’s walking, you will arrive at the camp in the late afternoon with the tents already set up. The porters will provide you with more hot water to wash with, this is especially refreshing at the end of a long days walking. You then have some free time to rest and relax for a couple of hours before dinner. After dinner the guide will then give a briefing to discuss the next day’s route.