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Most of the general equipment required for the trail, such as tents, sleeping mats and cooking equipment will be provided and will be carried by the porters. Warm sleeping bags and liners are also provided, or you can bring your own. A porter will carry your personal belongings up to a limit of 5kg per person. All meals and some snacks are provided for the hike. If you want other snacks during the trail, these can be bought in Cusco. Boiled drinking water is provided after the meals. The meals provided on the Inca Trail are very good with 3 courses, and the porters will put up a communal tent to eat in for all meals, including lunch.

There are no hot showers along the trail except at the final campsite, but every morning and night you will be provided with a bowl of hot water to wash with. The porters also carry a portable chemical toilet which they put up in a tent at the lunch and camping stops. There are also a number of basic toilets along the Inca Trail provided by the National Institute of Culture. The guides carry basic first aid supplies, but as you will be in remote mountain areas, more advanced medical facilities are not available. There is a maximum group size of 16 hikers on all Llama Travel Inca Trail holidays.