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City Neighbourhoods

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Miraflores is the cultural heart of Lima, with much of the city's social and shopping scene set here, as well as many of the best hotels. Huaca Pucllana, dating from the 3rd century, with a large pyramid built of adobe bricks, is well worth visiting.


Barranco is a pleasant suburb of Lima that has kept its character much better than most of the city, and is the bohemian heart of the city. Situated on the seafront, the area has the feel of a small town, separate from Lima. Barranco is one of Lima's main nightspots, and there are plenty of good bars and discos in the area, which come to life at night. During the day, however, Barranco is a relaxed, tranquil place, almost like a town stopped in time, making a pleasant escape from the rest of Lima.

San Isidro

San Isidro is the financial heart of Lima, and also has some of Lima's best hotels and restaurants. There are pleasant parks and a small number of attractions, including the Huaca Huallamarca, a restored pre-Inca temple with a small museum at the entrance.


The historic centre is in the central district of Lima, as is the Magic Water Circuit, a beautiful park with 13 water, ornamental and interactive fountains, located next to the National Stadium. It is particularly interesting at night, when there are music, light and laser shows. The park is very popular with local families, with children playing in many of the fountains, and wedding couples and quinceañeras (girls celebrating their 15th birthday) coming for photos.