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Chincheros is a very pretty, small colonial town about halfway between Cusco and Urubamba. The town is beautifully situated on a relatively flat area of the hillside, and the sight of the peaks of El Chicón and Salkantay looming over the Sacred Valley is wonderful.

The area is of interest to travellers for two main reasons. It houses some very important Inca ruins and an interesting church, and there is also a good market here. Entrance to the old part of the town where the church is, and to the Inca ruins, is by the Tourist Ticket. The colonial church has fine frescoes, both inside and out, although it is not always open. The Inca ruins are very impressive, and near the church are ten very fine, large niches that were probably used to place idols. This was possibly part of Tupac Yupanqui's temple. There is extensive Inca terracing nearby, and at the far end are three large rocks with very impressive carvings of channels, steps and seats.