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Dead Sea

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Situated on the western border of Jordan at 430m below sea level – the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea is unique. With startlingly azure blue and intensely salty waters visitors have been attracted here for centuries thanks to the reputed healing powers of the waters and mineral-rich mud.

The depressed elevation of the sea gives it many of its extraordinary characteristics. Mineral-rich water from the River Jordan flows down into the lake where it pools. With nowhere else to go, the water is heated by the intense sun and evaporates depositing minerals into an ever-more saline solution.

The water has become so dense with dissolved salt – it is ten times saltier than the ocean - that the sea is incredibly buoyant. ‘Swimming’ here is a truly unforgettable experience. Due to the high salt content it is impossible to submerge under the water. Instead, you lie on top of the water in a state of weightlessness.

Health benefits of the lake have been medically proven; the mud is laden with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, bromine, sulphur and bitumen and the air has an unusually high oxygen content.