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Etosha National Park (South)

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Named after the Etosha Salt Pan – so large it can be seen from space - the park is home to four of the Big Five (there are no buffalo in Etosha) and numerous other species of game. The arid nature of the desert provides a striking backdrop for a safari, and the limited water sources mean that animals congregate around waterholes, making good sightings almost a given.

Located just south of the boundary of Etosha National Park in north-western Namibia, Etosha South makes up the southern region of this wild paradise. The park can be accessed via the southern entrance at Andersson’s Gate. There are many game-viewing opportunities including lion, giraffe, elephant, white and black rhino. Popular activities include game drives, guided nature walks and watching the sunset over this magnificent landscape.

The game drive in southern Etosha is done in a tour vehicle with a maximum of 17 other passengers. The benefit of this is that you are protected from the heat and dust, although views are slightly obstructed and you won’t have a wildlife spotter. After having spent a night in this part of Etosha, you will spend a full day driving through the park to reach the eastern part.