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Japan has one of the world’s most unique and influential cultures, recognised internationally for their food, media and traditions. This small island is home to some of the world’s most iconic images, from the bustling pedestrian scramble of Shibuya Crossing, to the symmetrical stillness of Mount Fuji, and the red torii tunnels of Fushimi Inari.

Each of Japan’s cities has its own distinct character. The capital Tokyo is modern and sprawling, with futuristic cafes and inventive street-fashion trends. Kyoto is the country’s cultural hub, where you’ll find shrines, temples, and ochaya teahouses where geishas entertain. Hiroshima is home to the Peace Memorial Park, and close to Miyajima, one of Japan’s most beautiful islands.

Japan’s stunning landscapes are just as vibrant, especially in the cherry blossom season, when the trees erupt with pale pink flowers. This occurs from late March to early April, and adds a whole new dimension to the country’s stunning scenes. In Hakone you can walk some of the Tokaido trail through the woods, finishing at Lake Ashi, where you have stunning views of Mount Fuji.