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Atacama Desert

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San Pedro de Atacama is beautifully located in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world. The surrounding area consists of barren moonscapes, vast salt flats, strange rock formations, multi-coloured lakes and geysers. Excursions to these areas are the main attractions when visiting San Pedro, although you can also just relax around your hotel swimming pool, enjoying the views of the 5,900-metre high Licancabur volcano.

The area is also the most important archaeological site in mainland Chile and was home to several pre-Columbian cultures, with ruins visible in the surrounding desert. The town has been inhabited since the 15th century.

San Pedro itself is a pretty town of narrow streets and adobe houses with an attractive main square. It has become a centre for tourism, with people coming to visit the beautiful desert are, and there are many restaurants and bars.

Find out some of the most popular things to do around San Pedro de Atacama.

Atacama Desert highlights