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Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

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The Amazon Rainforest makes up much of Ecuador’s eastern half, and a visit here offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the rivers and spot the flora and fauna that lives in the world’s largest rainforest.

Ecuador Amazon Location

East of the Ecuadorian Andes is what’s known as the Oriente, a huge area of dense tropical rainforest which extends into the upper Amazon basin. Made up of several parks and reserves which were created to protect the ecosystem, the Ecuadorian Amazon covers only 2% of the entire Amazon basin, with the rest of it spread across Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname.  

How to get to the Ecuadorian Amazon

To get from Quito to the Amazon Jungle, you can fly to one of the cities within Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest (Coca is the Llama Travel option) and from there you take a road transfer followed by a boat ride along one of the Amazon’s tributaries, to reach your jungle lodge.

Flora and Fauna

There are more bird species (around 1,600) per square mile in Ecuador than in any other country on the continent, as well as numerous wildlife which can be spotted on boat trips and rainforest walks in the Amazon, such as monkeys, sloths, caimans, river dolphins and more.

The Ecuadorian Amazon is home to around 800 species of fish including three sorts of piranhas, 350 species of reptiles including anacondas and iguanas, over 300 mammal species including monkeys and jaguars, over 70,000 insect species and thousands of plants and trees too. The Yasuni National Park is believed to be the most biodiverse place on earth. This along with the other protected areas allows the animals, birds and plants to thrive.

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Ecuador Amazon Lodges

The Rio Napo is one of the Amazon’s main tributaries, and staying in a lodge allows you to explore the oxbow lakes, trek through the forest and visit the native communities.

Sacha Lodge

Sacha Lodge is beautifully set on a blackwater lake, just off the Napo River, in a private 2,000 hectare reserve. The lodge, one of the best in Ecuador, has beautiful public areas, including a spacious restaurant, lounge and bar overlooking the lake. The rooms are simple, but comfortable, with electricity and private bathrooms with hot showers. The lodge has a 275-metre canopy walkway, allowing you to see the jungle treetops from 30 metres above the ground. There is also a 45-metre-high 360° rotating canopy exploration crane, with a suspended metal basket so you can get close to the monkeys, toucans and macaws. 

Amazon Jungle Activities

“Life here moves at a different pace, and you’ll find it easy to slip into the jungle way of life – early starts to watch the sunrise, daily excursions to visit remote tribes and learn about their culture, boat trips to see endless wildlife and night-time adventures to discover the magic that goes on when the sun sets and the jungle comes alive with nocturnal creatures.” - Hannah, Llama Travel

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On a trip to the Amazon in Ecuador, all the meals and excursions are included at the lodge. After flying from Quito, you take a canoe ride down the river, which forms the start of your Amazon adventure as you will already spot birdlife and other creatures along the way. The next few days will include several activities such as forest walks to spot wildlife, visiting the butterfly house, swimming with river otters, piranha fishing and night-time walks to spot nocturnal animals and insects.

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