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Within Vietnam’s narrow borders there is a wealth of natural beauty, ancient history and cultural diversity. Whether you’re gliding through the narrow, palm-lined waterways of the Mekong Delta, or cycling though the undulating terraced hills of Pu Luong, you’ll be stunned at the landscapes of this phenomenal country.

Vietnam is also renowned for its delicious street food, which in recent years has spread past its borders and onto the plates of international diners. You may have already tried dishes like Pho, or Banh Mi, or if you’re more adventurous, egg coffee.

Vietnam has strong Chinese influences, and Champa and Khmer cultures have also played into national identity. In more recent history, French colonial rule has left its mark on the country with European buildings in cities like Hanoi. The effects of former north-south divide can also be felt, particularly Hue, which was once a border town between the socialist and capitalist sides.