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15 Reasons To Be Positive

Written by  Hannah

  • 11 September 2020
15 Reasons To Be Positive

These past few months have been a surreal blur but we are seeing green shoots in many of the destinations we sell. There are lots of good things going on in Latin America and Africa - read on to find out about borders reopening, wildlife thriving, ancient ruin discoveries and more. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this blog to recieve regular offers and updates on our destinations. 

1. Peru Flights Set To Resume

Coronavirus cases in Peru are decreasing and the Minister of Transport has said that the government will restart international flights to neighbouring countries in October. The UK government is still advising against travel to Peru, but it is encouraging to see that several of our destinations are starting to reopen to tourists.

jean vella XRW0ryFeizI unsplash

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2. The Galapagos Have Received Their First Tourists

Tourists have returned to the Galapagos for the first time since the islands went into a strict lockdown in March. As the main contribution to the local economy, this will help the local community, and the taxes from visitors will go to supporting the Galapagos National Park.

ATC group 4

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3. Jaguars Spotted on Costa Rica’s Beaches

Several species have been recorded in unusual locations including jaguars in Guanacaste, deer in Manuel Antonio and manatees around Limón. In other news, during the pandemic, Costa Rica recorded a 26% reduction in carbon emissions compared to last year.


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4. Brazil Is Back On Track

Whilst international news broadcasters focus mainly on politics, Brazil’s grassroots level response to Covid-19 has been overwhelming and sadly overshadowed. Brazil is proactively involved in the development of a viable vaccine that could save millions. The pandemic is far from over but for now, Brazil is back on the right track.

Corcovado Foto Alexandre Macieira Riotur

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5. Guatemala's Indigenous Population Helps Contain Virus

The indigenous people of Guatemala were hit hard by the pandemic, but they are seeking solutions by drawing on their own ingenuity, using traditional practices to contain the virus. International organisations are encouraging sustainable development that respects ancestral wisdom and harmony with nature.

perry grone We5nwLBIwPc unsplash

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6. Botswana Floodwater Highest For Five Years

Despite 2020 being a year of upheaval for Botswana's tourism industry, the annual floods into the Okavango Delta returned at greater levels than the last five years. This has meant that the animals have had a chance to regroup and reproduce, creating some exceptional wildlife sightings for those lucky enough to still be in the bush.

colin watts IlmouO6LO1E unsplash

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7. Chile’s National Parks Reopen

Chile is on its way to recovery thanks to a step by step plan where restrictions can be eased on safe and sociable activities. Chileans are now able to enjoy their ski resorts, national parks and trekking routes. Easter Island is also preparing to relaunch tourism.

Torres del Paine Thomas fields

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8. Jaguars Are Being Brought Back to Argentina’s Wetlands

Jaguars are the biggest cats in South America but their numbers have dramatically decreased over the years due to hunting and deforestation. A project called 'Rewilding Argentina' is seeking to introduce these majestic creatures back into the wetlands of northeastern Argentina.

omar mena QIktihNFiYY unsplash

Learn more about Argentina's wildlife here.  


9. Namibia Borders Opening

In September, Namibia officially opened its borders, with protocols including temperature checks and negative Covid-19 tests provided on arrival at the airport. Ethiopian Airlines and Lufthansa are recommencing flights to Windhoek, with other airlines planning to follow suit.

NTB Flickr 8 NTB UK

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10. South Africa Moved To Level 2 Lockdown

In light of the steadily declining number of Covid-19 infections in South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country would move to lockdown level 2 in August. This means that restrictions on inter-provincial travel have been lifted and restaurants, parks, gyms and nature reserves have reopened.

juanma clemente alloza 1270517 unsplash

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11. Pre-Hispanic Ruins Discovered In Mexico

Two carved stone monuments dating back 1,500 years have been found atop a mountain in central Mexico. According to archaeologists, the site was built by the Zapotecs and would have had seven pyramids, a ceremonial area and a games court. Read the article here.

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12. Colombia Voted Top Bird Species Country

At Global Bird Day, Colombia was selected as the world's top country in bird species for the fourth consecutive year. The regions with the most bird registrations were Antioquia with 600 species, Valle del Cauca with 548 species and Meta with 532 species.

dumos mosquera jxABrFKgMEo unsplash

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13. Award-winning Bolivia

Bolivia has been nominated for several awards in this year's World Travel Awards, including the Uyuni Salt Flats as South America's Leading Tourist Attraction. Often forgotten about on a trip to the continent, Bolivia boasts otherworldly scenery and a rich indigenous heritage.

IMG 0779

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14. Panama Canal Plans Water Management Project

Issues surrounding the right amount of water passing through the canal have plagued Panama for years, as when rainfall is limited and nearby lakes get too low, restrictions have to be enforced. The comprehensive new system should improve the canal's functioning and secure Panama's drinking water supply.

 MG 6787

Read more about Panama on our website.


15. Zimbabwe Resumes International Flights

Zimbabwe has already resumed domestic flights and will resume international flights on October 1st in an effort to boost tourism, with all passengers required to show Covid-19 clearance certificates.


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