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Reconnect with the Natural World

Written by  Hannah

  • 01 February 2021
Reconnect with the Natural World

Since having our movements limited over the last year, many of us have discovered a newfound appreciation for walking, cycling and anything that lets us enjoy the great outdoors. But we know that many of you are itching to get beyond your local area. That's why we've compiled a range of new active adventures for you to start planning, so that you have something to look forward to when it's finally time to shake off the post-lockdown cobwebs.

From horse riding in Patagonia and kayaking in the Chilean Lake District, to white-water rafting in Costa Rica or trekking the classic Inca Trail, our activities allow you to discover the jaw-dropping scenery of Latin America and Africa from a whole new perspective. Keep reading to be inspired by 11 outdoor adventures in Latin America and Africa. 

1. Kayaking in Lake Titicaca

kayak 1

Paddle through the reeds of Peru's Lake Titicaca, bathed in early morning light as you make your way across the highest navigable lake in the world. Listen to Andean birdsong, visit an island made entirely of rocks then continue to the floating Uros Islands.

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2. Horse riding in Chilean Patagonia

Horseback riding 10

Patagonia is the land of the Gauchos, and this is who will guide you on this incredible two-hour ride through the Magellanic forest and across a lagoon towards the Serrano River. The horses are friendly and appropriate for any aged rider, including beginners.

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3. Climbing Table Mountain in South Africa

AWOL Tours table mountain hike

The well-worn switchback of steps and the beautiful fynbos makes this one of the most popular ways to ascend Table Mountain, and on a clear day you can see for miles. Be rewarded with spectacular views across Cape Town, the harbour and Devil’s Peak.

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4. Kayaking in the Chilean Lake District

DSC 0686

Take in Chile's unspoiled natural wilderness with opportunities to spot penguins, cormorants, sea lions and dolphins. Kayak across the picturesque fjord, have lunch then paddle to a village known for its impressive granite structures.

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5. Hiking around Quilotoa Lake in Ecuador

20201206 143150

Spend two days getting to know Ecuador’s volcanoes, lakes and Andean communities. Have lunch in San Agustin Hacienda, built on the site of an Inca fortress with well-preserved original Inca walls, continue to Quilotoa to hike all the way around the crater, then visit an indigenous village.

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6. Trekking in Patagonia

Las Torres Trek

Make the most of your time in one of the world’s great hiking destinations as you ascend through valleys and meander through beech forests in Chile. Cross mountain ridges before reaching a rocky moraine, where at the end of a steep climb the granite towers reveal themselves in dramatic fashion.

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7. White-water rafting in Costa Rica

Pacuare Lodge rafting33

Much of Pacuare Lodge's allure is its remoteness. Arrive by white-water raft then explore the jungle with amazing excursions - from canopy tours and birdwatching to indigenous village visits, waterfall hikes and sustainability tours. Swim in the infinity pool and enjoy gourmet meals. 

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8. The Classic Inca Trail in Peru

tom cleary pmDxMCWzeGg unsplash

 Trek the Inca Trail, a four-day hike across the Peruvian Andes to Machu Picchu. The change in scenery and vegetation, as the walk first rises to 4,200m before descending into the cloud forest, is fantastic. You can also opt for the Short Inca Trail, a two-day excursion finishing at the Sun Gate.

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9. Dune climbing in Namibia 


Admire the highest dunes in the world at their most picturesque, with the first light creating beautiful shadows. Climb the 170m-high 'Dune 45' to be rewarded with a panoramic view of the desert. For the more adventurous, climb the appropriately named 'Big Daddy', at a staggering 325 metres.

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10. Ziplining in Costa Rica

DSC 7261

Costa Rica is renowned for its canopy ziplining, and there’s no better place to do this than in the depths of the lush rainforest near Arenal Volcano. Make your way across 11 cables, a suspension bridge and a tarzan swing for the more daring.

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11. The Salkantay Trek in Peru

Salkantay trail Peru 6

Spend four days hiking to Machu Picchu on a lesser-known route. The Salkantay Trail is an excellent alternative to the traditional Inca Trail, offering truly stunning scenery and the opportunity to see Andean wildlife with fewer trekkers around.

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