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Frequently Asked Questions: What to Pack for a Torres Del Paine Trek

Written by  Catherine

Frequently Asked Questions: What to Pack for a Torres Del Paine Trek

For visitors to Torres del Paine, Llama Travel offers two trekking options. The Las Torres Trek is a full day trek of approximately seven hours, crossing uneven terrain, including rustic rope bridges, while the Hike to Lake Sarmiento option is an easier 3 hour walk with gentle undulations.

In either case, you will be exposed to the unpredictable weather conditions of Chilean Patagonia, and packing the right equipment is key to your enjoyment of either trek.

In Torres del Paine, the day time temperatures from October to April sit between 12°C – 20°C. However, it can get very windy which means an 18°C day can sometimes feel closer to 10°C. Furthermore, although it is not technically the rainy season, light rain is common throughout the year.

Hike to Lake Sarmiento Torres del Paine Chile Llama Travel

So with that knowledge, this is what we recommend you pack for a trek in Patagonia.

1. Well-fitting walking shoes

When you're walking for any length of time you'll want your feet to be comfy and your ankles protected. Especially if you're opting for the more intense Las Torres Trek. If you're getting new shoes for the occassion, try to have a few practice wears before the main trek to decrease the chances of blisters developing.

2. Trekking socks

This item is not vital but having a pair of absorbent socks which don't slip down will make a big difference towards the end of a tough walk. 

3. T-shirt

The trick to any trekking outfit is layers. Depending on the season you may opt for a long or short sleeved base layer.

4. Jumper or fleece

For the when the weather clouds over and the temperature drops a bit. 

5. Windbreaker and/or warm jacket

Vital given Patagonia's propensity for wind! 

6. Raincoat

Ideally this is big enough to fit over your other layers.

7. Sun hat and sunblock

8. Small daypack

Something comfy for carrying extra layers and your packed lunch.

9. Walking poles

Walking poles really help to spread the load from your feet and ankles and can make a difference to your walking enjoyment. Very useful but not essential. 

10. Water bottle

11. Camera

Whether you take the Hike to Lake Sarmiento or the Las Torres Trek, it'll be a day of beautiful scenery and you'll want to take photos!

Bonus: Appropriate travel insurance.

We don't sell or recommend travel insurance, but highly recommend that you get proper cover for your trip. If you plan on trekking while you're away, make sure that your insurance will cover you for the activity you are planning. 

Torres del Paine National Park

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