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An Evening of Tango in Buenos Aires

Written by  Karen

Café de los Angelitos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Llama Travel Café de los Angelitos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Llama Travel

For many people who visit Argentina, going to a tango show is an essential part of their trip. On a recent visit to Buenos Aires, Karen from Llama Travel spent an evening at Café de los Angelitos, watching the impressive tango routines whilst tucking into a three-course dinner.

Tango show Buenos Aires Argentina Llama Travel

"Without the streets nor dusks of Buenos Aires, a tango cannot be written.” - Jorge Luis Borges

With origins lying in the African-Latino groups who were originally brought over as slaves, and the wave of immigrants in the 19th century, tango is a unique combination of passion, nostalgia and melancholy. At the centre of it all is Buenos Aires, showcasing everything from tango lessons and dancing on the streets to underground milongas and glamorous shows. Steeped in tango folklore, Café de los Angelitos was a regular haunt of Carlos Gardel, renowned for being the most prominent figure in tango’s extensive history. Set in an elegant ballroom with old photos covering the walls, the historic coffee house puts on one of the best tango shows in the city.

Dining area Cafe de los Angelitos Buenos Aires Argentina

First, we had a tasty three course dinner with drinks included and after dinner we could experience an impressive 80-minute tango show. There were several short dances one after another - great local music and amazing performances. Dinner was great - smoked salmon with couscous followed by steak and vegetables cooked in reduced malbec with empanadas. Dessert was divine as well - a dulce de leche and banana crepe served with ice cream and jam. During the show we kept being served drinks. I was drinking champagne and my glass was never empty!

Performers Cafe de los Angelitos Buenos Aires Argentina

Café de los Angelitos is a must visit in Buenos Aires, especially if you'd like to see their famous tango. It's a beautiful place where you can watch a unique tango show whilst being served by very attentive and polite staff. The whole experience was amazing - the best of Buenos Aires for sure. I hope you can visit Café de los Angelitos and enjoy it as much as we did!

The Café de los Angelitos excursion is available on our Samba, Tango & Iguazu Falls holiday.

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