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Frequently Asked Questions: What to Pack for the Amazon Jungle

Written by  Catherine

Frequently Asked Questions: What to Pack for the Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle. Whether you visit it from Peru, Ecuador or Brazil, you will find that it is lush, and dense, and filled with lots of different plants and animals – the reason you are presumably visiting. You will also find that it can be very damp, if not outright wet, and brimming with insects. Make the most of your Amazon visit by being prepared. 

Here’s what to pack in order to have a comfortable experience in the jungle.

1. Lightweight, breathable clothing including long trousers

It can get really hot and humid, and having comfortable clothing can make a big difference. Furthermore, while it may seem counterintuitive to wear long trousers in the heat, they will protect you from insect bites, splashes of mud and spiky plants.

2. Waterproof gear

It is almost certain that it will rain at least once on your jungle visit, and that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and exploring the jungle. Raincoats are good, but a plastic poncho is lightweight and covers a small backpack and camera as well.

3. Warm clothing

Just as it is hot and humid during the day, it can get cool in the evenings, so a jacket or jumper can come in handy.

4. Sun cream and insect repellent

As you might expect from the jungle, insects are part of the deal. You’ll want to avoid being bitten on your walks, as well as back at the lodge (many jungle lodges have an open design). 

5. Walking shoes

You won’t be trekking up and down mountain sides, but you will be walking quite a bit, often on uneven terrain ranging from twigs and dry dirt, to mud. 

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6. Long socks

Protect your ankles from critters. You could even go so far as to tuck your trouser bottoms into the socks for super anti-bug insulation.

7. Binoculars and a camera

Binoculars are a great piece of kit for the jungle. The wildlife is prolific, but it will not always position itself within perfect view. 

8. Bandana

Not essential but useful for absorbing sweat, and cleaning misty glasses and binocular lenses. 

9. Day pack and water bottle

It’s handy to have a small backpack to carry with you on the jungle excursions. As with any outing it’s good to have somewhere to store your backup clothing e.g. a rain poncho, water and binoculars. You may want to bring a snack along too - just make sure it’s nothing that will melt. 

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