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If you are considering a visit to Latin America for the first time, you might not be fully aware of just what makes this region so wonderful. Numerous travel companies exist purely to show the world Latin America, so it must have something worth writing home about, right?

Indeed. It’s tricky to sum up an entire continent in a couple of points, particularly when that continent is as diverse as South America. However, there are certain threads which run the length and breadth of the region.

The locals are always up for a chat

Peruvian lady Sacred Valley Peru

Latinos are a warm and welcoming bunch, with visitors to countries from Colombia to Chile commenting that the locals are helpful and interested in visitors. For the most part people will greet you with a smile and like to know how you are enjoying their country.

History is alive

Reasons to Love Latin America Cartagena Colombia Llama Travel

Between the Inca, Maya and Conquistadors, Latin America has a rich and colourful history which takes in indigenous tribes and colonial rule. There is evidence of this history at all turns, from the famous Inca remains at Machu Picchu, and the continuing Maya influence in Guatemala, to the cities’ beautiful colonial architecture.

The landscapes transform within an hour or two’s journey

Atacama Desert landscape Chile Llama Travel

Countries all over Latin America boast not only beautiful landscapes, but a large diversity of them too. From north to south, Chile transforms from one of the driest deserts in the world (the Atacama) to the green and mountainous Patagonia. Peru has the agricultural landscapes of the Andean lowlands, which contrast with the lush Amazon rainforest, and Brazil boasts the Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world, as well as the striking coastline around Rio de Janeiro.

To sum it up, there is a lot to see in Latin America, and if landscapes are your thing, you are going to love it!

Oh! The Food.

Ceviche dish Peru Llama Travel

Argentinian steak is famous the world over. Lima is renowned as the culinary capital of Latin America, with Peruvian ceviche (a marinated fish salad) high on the list of foods to try. The Chilean completo is the Cadillac of hot dogs, leaden with avocado and tomato salsa, while Mexico’s tacos have been written about many times and are an essential part of any visit to the country.

Local culture is still kickin’

Traditional market Guatemala Llama Travel

Do not let the colonial architecture fool you. Latin America’s cities (with a few exceptions), have their feet firmly in the 21st century, with modern restaurants, contemporary art galleries and sky-scraper- filled CBD’s. However, despite modernisation, much of Latin America retains a soul that is purely, well, Latin American.

Samba and salsa dancing (depending on the country) is a popular Saturday night activity, and while you can easily find “modern” food, the traditional favourites still take pride of place in many eateries.

Furthermore, if you head out of the cities, you don’t have to head far before you come across indigenous people practising the same or similar traditions as their ancestors did. In Peru it’s the Quechua communities in the Andes, where women dress in bowler hats and wide, layered skirts. In Guatemala, much of the population still identifies as Maya, and dress in traditional brightly-coloured tapestries.

Wildlife abounds

Land iguana Galapagos Ecuador Llama Travel

On top of culture, history, landscapes and food, Latin America also boasts wildlife! The Pantanal, one of the largest wetlands on earth, is found in Brazil, the Amazon jungle is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet, and has an impressive array of species, the Galapagos Islands inhabitants have no natural predators and so aren’t shy, and the canals of Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica are also alive with the sounds of monkeys, birds and other creatures. There are multiple options for wildlife lovers on this continent.

Still not convinced that Latin America is as great as everyone says? The best way to confirm it is to visit for yourself. You can see our South and Central America holidays here.

Latin America is a beauty - culturally and landscape-wise. Our photo bank is brimming with images of the continent and now seems as good a time as any to showcase some of these photos. These photos reveal just how gorgeous Latin America's landscapes really are. 

The Amazon Jungle. Whether you visit it from Peru, Ecuador or Brazil, you will find that it is lush, and dense, and filled with lots of different plants and animals – the reason you are presumably visiting. You will also find that it can be very damp, if not outright wet, and brimming with insects. Make the most of your Amazon visit by being prepared. 

Llama Travel director, Luca Newbold, hadn’t visited Rio in 18 years, but when he did finally go back, he discovered a city more lively and inviting than ever. This is his account of his recent trip to Brazil’s most iconic city.

Latin America captivates travellers for many reasons, one of which being its many natural wonders. Here we showcase the natural beauty to be found in every corner of the region. From the striking peaks of Torres del Paine in Chile, to the serene and photogenic Lake Attitlan in Guatemala, stunning natural features abound. Scroll down to see our top 10 Natural Wonders in Latin America, in no particular order. 

After so many years living in the UK, my annual visits to Brazil tend to be more about food than anything. To be fair, it is not just me, I think it’s a cultural thing, or my family is just crazy, who knows? It suits me! Numerous queries about menus, restaurants, barbeques and dinner parties’ start flooding in as soon as I book my flights, coming from everywhere: my mum, dad, other relatives, friends…

Food and culture go hand-in-hand, and it follows that eating is a very important aspect of travel for many people. I, for one, find eating the weird and wonderful food of other countries to be among the most enjoyable aspects of travel. I love food in general, and I also love adventures, so culinary adventures are right up my alley. There is little I find more enjoyable when travelling, than sitting myself down at an unassuming little spot off the main drag, and indulging in whatever dish comes recommended by the staff.

Brazil, with its beautiful beaches and colourful cities, has much to offer the adventurous holidaymaker. But for a unique and really fulfilling experience, I would recommend delving deeper inland and spending some time in the Brazilian Pantanal.

The region known as the Pantanal fills an extensive area in central Brazil, and is home to the largest wetland on earth. What makes it so special is the amount of wildlife found here: thousands of species live in this ecological sanctuary. The largely open landscape means that wildlife sightings happen all the time: a giant anteater will stumble out of a thicket, its bushy tail trailing through the grass; red and blue macaws launch out of the treetops, gliding in pairs; water birds and red-necked jabiru storks dive into water pools, feeding on trapped fish.

It’s a sign of a good holiday when your first thought upon returning home is ‘phew, I need a break’. It is the sign of an excellent holiday when a break is already built in. On our brand new Spirit of Brazil programme, we provide a three night beach break to act as a peaceful limbo between the dizzying excitement of Rio, the Iguaçu Falls and Salvador, and the humdrum of everyday life.