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Buenos Aires in Pictures

Written by  Catherine

  • 21 September 2018
Buenos Aires in Pictures

Buenos Aires is a sprawling metropolis on the banks of the Rio Plata. With its strong history of immigration (particularly from Italy), Buenos Aires boasts a uniquely European feel for a South American city. Long boulevards are lined with trees and beautiful buildings. Traditional cafes and tango clubs can be found on many corners, and the local population is as diverse and quirky as you'd expect to find in any big city. 

Buenos Aires is a remarkably difficult city to photograph, with most photos under-selling it to quite a serious degree. This collection from the Buenos Aires Tourism Board does a pretty good job at capturing some of its charm. 

Aerial shot Congresso Building at night Buenos Aires Argentina Llama Travel with

The Congress building is situated, as you'd expect, in the down town area of the city, on the western end of Avenida de Mayo. At its opposite end is the. It was designed by Italian architect, Vittoria Meano, and completed by a local Argentine in the early 1900's. The Congressional Palace is considered a national historic monument. 

El Ateneo Grand Splendid book shop 

Book shop Buenos Aires Argentina Llama Travel

El Ateneo Grand Splendid book shop is as grand and splendid as the name implies. It is easy to see why it has become such a famous destination in Buenos Aires. Book lovers and others visit to admire its vastness, and enjoy the peace and quiet it provides away from the bustle of the Buenos Aires streets.

Historic Buenos Aires cafes 

Traditional cafe Buenos Aires Argentina Llama Travel

 A trip to Buenos Aires is not complete without a visit to a traditional cafe, the type of place where famous poets and bohemians once spent their time. Today one goes to soak up the ambience, people watch, and enjoy a coffee with churros or a medialuna on the side.

The Carlos Gardel Museum

Carlos Gardel Museum Buenos Aires Argentina Llama Travel

The Carlos Gardel Museum is a small one devoted to the Tango singer. While it is interesting to learn about Gardel and his influence on the buenos Aires tango scene, it is the outside of the buidling that catches the eye, painted in the traditional Buenos Aires style.

Teatro Colon

Gold salon Teatro Colon Buenos Aires Argentina Llama Travel

The Teatro Colon is a Buenos Aires institution, and ranked among the top opera houses in the world. Besides its impressive accoustics, it is also exceptionally beautiful, both inside and out. 


Traditional Milonga Buenos Aires Argentina Llama Travel

In case you hadn't heard, Buenos Aires is the home of Tango, and many of its residents dance in social clubs known as a milongas. If you get a chance, a visit to a local milonga is a lovely local experience. 

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All photos © Buenos Aires Tourism

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