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Africa Bucket List: Top 5 For 2021

Written by  Hannah

  • 21 May 2020
Africa Bucket List: Top 5 For 2021

A couple of weeks ago we gave you our top picks for Latin America, so this week it’s Africa’s turn. If you’re counting down the days until you can next get on a plane and witness amazing wildlife spectacles on a classic safari, uncover South Africa's moving history, explore Namibia's vast rugged landscapes and feel the spray of one of the Wonders of the World in Zimbabwe, keep reading for some ideas on where to go in Africa next year.

1. Cruise Down the Zambezi River at Sunset

Gin and tonic in one hand, camera in the other, gliding down the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe is a great way to finish your safari holiday to Botswana. During the relaxing late-afternoon excursion you can watch elephant and hippos wading nearby, colourful birds soaring above and other game on the banks of the river. Enjoy drinks and snacks aboard as you witness a spectacular African sunset, with the powerful spray of Victoria Falls in the distance.     

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“Here you can relax and enjoy a few sundowners and snacks while watching the world drift by. There are also plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities – during my cruise we saw elephants chilling out in the middle of the river, pods of hippos, crocodiles lazing on the bank and plenty of different types of birds.” – Scott, Llama Travel

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2. Big Five Safari in the Okavango Delta

It’s no wonder that Botswana’s Okavango Delta has provided the setting for many wildlife documentaries and films. One of the most authentic ways to experience this region is by staying in a mobile camp, where everything is set up for you and delicious meals are cooked by the chefs. All you have to do is get up early each morning for a game drive where you might spot zebras, lions and cheetahs one day and elephants, giraffes and wild dogs the next. Spend the warmest part of the day relaxing around the camp then head out in the afternoon for another game drive – this time you might spot a leopard hiding in a tree or hyenas running alongside your jeep. Enjoy a sundowner out in the wilderness as the sun starts to set, then reminisce about your day as you sit around the campfire each evening, listening out as the bush comes alive with nocturnal animals and birds .

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“Leaving the Chobe riverfront behind, we made our way down to Savuti. The Savuti Marsh area is located on the western stretch of the Chobe National Park, famed for its big game and rich birdlife. We were lucky to spot three males from the Savuti Marsh lion pride. The lions were patrolling with their bellies visibly full, presumably having recently feasted on a kill.” – Paige, Llama Travel

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3. Climb Namibia's Soaring Sand Dunes

The dunes in the Namib Desert are the highest in the world, and climbing them is not for the faint hearted. With the sun blazing down on you, it’s not a walk in the park, but reaching the top fills you with a sense of achievement and a spectacular view of the dunes stretching as far as the eye can see. Don’t worry, you don’t have to climb them to appreciate them though – arriving at sunrise is the best way to capture the full beauty, when the dunes are at their most picturesque. Nearby Deadlvlei is a clay area with camelthorn trees dating back over hundreds of years.

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“The journey into the park is spectacular as you pass towering sand dunes on either side of the road, and thanks to the early morning light you get impressive shadows forming on one side of the dune, while the other side is bathed in sunlight.”– Scott, Llama Travel

Climbing Big Daddy: Namibia’s Iconic Sand Dune.

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4. Stay in a Classic Safari Lodge in the Kruger

In the north-eastern region of South Africa, the Kruger National Park promises a classic safari experience. The Kruger is home to the Big Five animals as well as giraffes, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, monkeys, cheetahs and a magnificent array of large and small bird species including lilac breasted rollers, bee-eaters, eagles, hornbills, storks and kingfishers. At Llama Travel we offer three different lodges which differ in terms of style and price, although all follow the classic safari routine with two daily game drives and leisurely meals in-between. For the full ‘Out of Africa’ experience, Hamilton’s Tented Camp is decorated to reflect a bygone era, with antiques and 19th-century memorabilia dotted around including brass light switches, pith helmets and sepia photos. Silver service dinners and high teas are served by butlers dressed in traditional uniform, with crystal wine glasses and candelabras. If this isn’t the vibe you’re looking for, Shiduli Lodge is spread amongst 9,000 hectares in a private reserve, with beautiful thatched chalets, African artwork and a candlelit outdoor area for barbecues and traditional evening entertainment.

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“I spent six days travelling around the national park and various private reserves and witnessed some incredible wildlife; having a leopard circle our vehicle from two foot away, seeing two huge lionesses devour a Nyala (spiral-horned antelope), seeing a lioness nursing two young cubs and witnessing the sheer scale and beauty of a full-grown bull elephant silently approach and brush past our vehicle.” – Graham, Llama Travel

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5. Spot Penguins at Boulders Beach

Penguins? In Africa? Cape Town has no shortage of beaches, but this one offers something a bit different. Home to over 2,000 African penguins, Boulders Beach is a protected area and one of the best places in the world to get close to wild penguins. From the viewing platform, you can watch them waddling around, swimming and even mating or feeding their chicks depending on the time of year. 

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I had an amazing experience in South Africa. It offers an impressive mix of natural landmarks and animals with culture and city life. Within the Cape Town city limits alone it is possible to see tortoises, zebra, African penguins, sea lions and baboons, as well as numerous bird species.” - Gary, Llama Travel

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Our first South Africa departures went ahead at the beginning of the year, and we received excellent feedback. We might have a few more African countries up our sleeve too. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months!


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