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An Interview with Grant Reed

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  • 18 August 2023

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Grant Reed, co-founder of Letaka Safaris and star of National Geogarphic's Safari Brothers alongside his brother Brent. He is widely considered one of Botswana’s top guides, and when you meet him in person, you can see why. At 6'4, Grant cuts a lean figure, with the well-worn hands of naturalist and a voice that imparts a reassuring sense of authority. If you try to imagine an expert safari guide, you're probably picturing Grant Reed. But his path to becoming a guide wasn't always so clear cut.

I talked with Grant about how he came to be where he is today, from his colourful childhood collecting lizards in the Magaliesburg Mountains to the surprise turn of events that led him to move to Botswana.

What To Pack for a Safari in Botswana

Written by  Paige

Stuck on what to pack for your Botswana safari experience? Here are some recommendations to help you plan and pack everything you need for your Botswana adventure.

Botswana Mobile Safari: What To Expect

Written by  Paige

A mobile tented safari is a great way to experience Botswana, as it allows you to experience the best wildlife areas without the high cost of Botswana’s game lodges. Our Delta Mobile Safari and Victoria Falls holiday includes six nights camping in the Okavango Delta - three nights in the Moremi Game Reserve and three nights in the private Khwai Concession - before continuing onto Kasane by light aircraft. Our Extended Delta Mobile Safari and Victoria Falls holiday includes an additional three nights camping in Savuti, an area within Chobe National Park which borders the Okavango Delta to the west.

This blog helps you to make the most of your mobile tented safari. Keep reading to find out what to expect on arrival and on a typical day, including the weather, transport, camp, wildlife and more.

Paige's Safari Adventure in Botswana

Written by  Paige
  • 15 January 2020

I recently got back from a trip to Botswana, where I spent time in Kasane, the Savuti Marsh area and then embarked on a Letaka mobile camping safari in the Khwai concession.

Introducing Botswana and Victoria Falls

Written by  Scott
  • 17 June 2019

Scott's journey through Botswana began in the town of Maun, before flying in a light aircraft into the Okavango Delta and embarking on a 9-night mobile camping safari. The safari took him from the Moremi National Park, Khwai concession and Savuti (part of the Chobe National Park). From there he crossed into Zimbabwe, finishing at the majestic Victoria Falls. Here are some pictures he took along the way.