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Faces of Peru - Photos of Locals in and around the Sacred Valley

Written by  Catherine

Faces of Peru - Photos of Locals in and around the Sacred Valley

Peru is as diverse as it is beautiful and like many destinations, the people you meet are as much a part of the experience as the sights. The Peruvian highlands, which encompass Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca (and more) are home to indigenous people who keep their traditions alive, providing an important insight into how highland communities live. 

Faces of Misminay Peru Llama Travel

A woman photographed in the Andean highlands near Cusco. Here, a large proportion of the local population are Quichua people - one of the dominant indigenous groups across the Andes. Today, they practice subsistence farming often cultivating corn, quinoa and the myriad potato varieties Peru is known for.


Little girl in Chincheros Peru Llama Travel

A young local in the town of Chincheros, which lies in the heart of the Sacred Valley. Chincheros shows evidence of both Spanish colonial architecture, and traditional Inca sites. Needless to say it is a place brimming with history. 


Cusco local with Llama Peru Llama Travel

Llamas are a common sight in the Andes, serving their communities as pack animals, helping to transport goods. Their wool is also used to make rope, and clothing, and occasionally they are used for milk and meat too.


Local man on Taquile Island Peru Llama Travel

Textile production on Lake Titicaca's Taquile Island is a UNESCO-recognised tradition. The island's women are responsible for weaving the llama wool, while the men do the delicate knitting, often creating the iconic chuyo hats they are seen wearing across the island.


Happy woman Peru Llama Travel

Potatoes are a common foodstuff in Peru - there are over 4000 native varieties. A viable crop for the harsh highland conditions, they are also an integral part of local tradition. It is thought that many potato varieties never get sold in markets. Instead they are traded between communities. 

All photos © John Gregson

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