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The beaches of Brazil, from Praia do Forte to Fernando De Noronha

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Praia do Forte Beach Praia do Forte Beach

It’s a sign of a good holiday when your first thought upon returning home is ‘phew, I need a break’. It is the sign of an excellent holiday when a break is already built in. On our brand new Spirit of Brazil programme, we provide a three night beach break to act as a peaceful limbo between the dizzying excitement of Rio, the Iguaçu Falls and Salvador, and the humdrum of everyday life.

Praia do ForteWe believe that, just as there are different ways to seek adventures, there are different ways to relax and unwind. Some enjoy a quieter pace of life; strolling down a tranquil beach, eating out in the evening and watching the sun dip below the horizon. Whilst for others the ultimate fantasy of relaxation is escaping to an exotic island paradise where palm trees spout from the ground, and the beaches are golden, gloriously empty and yours to explore.

So, in recognition of these two district categories of R&R, we’ve decided to provide two beach getaway options. The first is a three night sojourn in the seaside town of Praia do Forte, on the glittering Bahian coast. The second is a three night retreat to the paradisiacal archipelago of Fernando De Noronha, in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Brazil.  In continuation of our blog series celebrating the diversity of Brazil, we are going to compare, contrast and take a close look at these two stunning destinations.

Praia do Forte

View of the beach in Itacimirim

Dreamy, picturesque, tranquil. Praia do Forte is a pretty seaside town an hour north of Salvador in the north-eastern state of Bahia. Beloved by both holiday-makers and Salvador locals alike, the town retains a lovely low key-feel and is the perfect place to kick back and relax.

Everything in Praia do Forte is within walking distance. Spend your days ambling along the main Alameda do Sol walkway, passing by and perhaps popping into the pint-sized church, or the Tamar sea turtle preservation centre. In the evenings, enjoy seafood dishes and typical Brazilian cuisine in the various restaurants dotted around the town, and sip a refreshing caipirinha whilst watching the brilliant red sun setting on the horizon.

Wherever you are, day or night, the sea is never out of reach. The beaches of the sublime Bahian coast are renowned for their idyllic beauty and soft yellow sand, and home to picture book palm trees, migratory birds and even, in the right season, nesting sea turtles.

Your Llama Travel hotel is located in the village of Itacimirim, a short drive from Praia do Forte. A beautiful area in its own right, Itacimirim is quieter than its neighbouring town and offers an authentic insight into life in a traditional Brazilian fishing village.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Naronha

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of volcanic origin that lies over 200 miles from the north-east coast of Brazil. Blessed with turquoise waters, abundant marine life, stunning tropical landscapes, and pristine beaches – voted by Trip Advisor as amongst the most beautiful in the world – it is no surprise that Fernando de Noronha is considered the brightest jewel in Brazil’s crown.

Whereas Praia do Forte is quiet and peaceful, Fernando de Noronha is positively secluded. The majority of the island was made 

a marine national park in 1988, and tourism is closely restricted in order to preserve the local ecology. The beaches are never crowded, and it’s not a huge leap of the imagination to picture yourself as a member of the Swiss Family Robinson, all alone on your own small stretch of paradise. The wildlife of the Archipelago is of an equally out of this world and exotic quality. There are spinner dolphins, hawksbill turtles, coral reef fish and various endemic bird and reptile species that can be sighted all over the island.

Despite its sense of detachment, Fernando de Noronha has plenty of facilities and comforts.  The main island village of Vila dos Remédios has various good restaurants and even a couple of bars. Indeed, there is plenty to do other than just admire the general awe-inspiring splendour. Hike through the islands winding nature trails, explore the waters by boat tours through the archipelago and scuba dive and snorkel beneath the waves themselves amongst dolphins, turtles and fish every colour of the rainbow.Fernando de Naronha

So… Which beach break calls out your name? A few days beside the Brazilian seaside in Praia do Forte is already built in and included as part of our standard Brazil tour. A tropical retreat to Fernando de Noronha is available for a supplement, please ask us for details.

If you have been inspired by either of our beautiful beach options, take a look at our Spirit of Brazil holiday programme here, which includes three nights in the sensational city of Rio De Janeiro, three nights to admire the natural wonder of the Iguaçu Falls, two nights in the old colonial city of Salvador and of course three nights of R&R at the beach getaway of your choice.

You can also find out more information on all our amazing Latin American holidays here, ordering our brochure or giving us a call on 020 7263 3000.